Our Services


At the lodge we can arrange many tours and activities including 

  • Airport pick up and drop off, 
  • Tour of Gonder, 
  • A Morning Run, 
  • Horse Riding in nearby mountains, 
  • Tour to experience the local lifestyle and custumes., 
  • Trips and treks in the Simien Mountains
  • Arrange Transport to and from Bahir-Dar and Lalibelia
  • Help you celebrate any special occasions



Also on offer at our hotel are a range of activities to see a unique side of Ethiopian life. We offer horse riding, cycle hire, and walking tours of various local attractions within easy reach of the lodge. Trekking to the awe-inspiring Simien Mountains, a highlight of any trip to this unique and rewarding land, can also be organised upon request. Gondar is popular as a tourism attraction because of its historic buildings and ruins, most of which are situated in the heart of the city, in the Royal Enclosure. It contains five castles, three churches as well as several other sights that makes it a must-see for all history enthusiasts. There are also numerous other historic and archaeological sites situated close to Gondar, such as the church of Debre Berhan Selassie that has unique old murals, taking a registered guide is the perfect way to really get the most of your stay with us.

During the Second World War, the Italians built a number of beautiful houses throughout the lands of Ethiopia. After the war had ceased the Emperor of Ethiopia returned home, travelling through the provinces to meet the loyal and famous patriots offering rewards for their service through the difficult times. Our Grandfather was the one chosen ardent nationalist upon whomhis Majesty chose to reward, with one of the Italian properties. The choice was given, and he decided upon this idyllic place due to its quiet location, with a thought that in old age, he could still walk on his own to church without having to ask from aid from his children.

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